Deutsche Bank


28 – 30 October 2016, Berlin

1st prize

Team dwins with Finance guru

Finance Guru eliminates clients' hassle with contract management and individually helps them deal with their financial needs at different life stages.
Managing contracts and dealing with new financial needs at all life stages can be a hassle for clients. Finance Guru is there to help! dwins

Finance guru

Finance Guru takes care of all our clients' finance- and contract-related challenges.
Finance Guru supports them by automatically identifying all existing contracts and cancelling those that are no longer wanted with one click. It is able to identify important life events, such as moving to a new city or getting your first job, and provides clients with checklists for dealing with them. Using the checklists, clients can immediately complete all related tasks, such as finding new contracts on our marketplace, locating a new gym or organising their official registration in a new city. With their refreshing view on simplifying finances, dwins will bring Deutsche Bank many bright ideas for reinforcing its leading position in digital banking.

2nd prize

Team IntraBase with Flattr

Flattr is a virtual account to help shared households ("WGs") manage their expenses in an easy and convenient way. IntraBase


Flattr is an online account for shared households that helps them to manage their expenses in a simple and convenient way. Flatmates connect their personal bank accounts to the app so that they can easily share common expenses without having to enter them into a separate app. After paying with their usual bank cards, or even by cash, the app detects the transaction and automatically triggers compensation payments between the flatmates using cutting-edge PSD2 APIs. Additionally, flatmates can browse through their account history and assign recurring transactions, such as rent payments, to the shared household account.
IntraBase is a dynamic interdisciplinary team of entrepreneurs and advisors with experience in FinTech. Their expertise ranges from product management and engineering to design and data analytics. They are motivated by building FinTech solutions which improve the daily lives of banking customers.

3rd prize

Team FinChild with FinChild

FinChild offers an easy and playful way to introduce children to banking while keeping their parents in control. FinChild


With FinChild, children can earn a bonus for their savings and/or value time with their parents for completing chores defined by their parents, such as tidying up their rooms. Children are also able to see their account and tasks on their mobile phones or family tablets. Parents can sign off on chores with one click, approve a payout in cash or trigger a transaction to their children’s accounts without entering an IBAN. The clients’ children receive a push notification when a chore has been assigned.


Team Wire with Deutsche Bank Bot

Team Wire's Deutsche Bank Bot checks a user's balance, reports transactions as they happen, warns of upcoming payments and sends low-balance alerts. Wire

Deutsche Bank Bot

Because people spend a significant share of their total mobile time communicating with each other, messengers have become the central hub of activity on mobile phones. Bots are ways for companies to reach people where they are: in their messengers. Wire is launching the first end-to-end encrypted bot framework, making it highly suitable for sectors of the economy where privacy and security is paramount, such as finance, medicine, the legal sector, the internet of things and the automotive industry. Through the Deutsche Bank Bot, team Wire makes it more convenient for users to check their balance, keep track of transactions as they happen, get alerts on low balances, learn of upcoming payments and more. Their goal is to put all of the core bank-account-related activities into the most convenient place for Deutsche Bank customers.

Team Wire has extensive experience in building consumer-facing products that overcome the technical obstacles of making end-to-end encryption work in a cross-platform scenario. The team brings a mix of experience from design and bots to security and web development.