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When the world’s leading start up authority TechCrunch Disrupt announced their Berlin comeback, there was no chance of missing out on that event. What awaited us were more than just exciting days full of fun and action!
From 2-5 December participants from all over the world met in Berlin to share, exchange and present their innovative ideas at TechCrunch Disrupt. The multi-day event was kicked off with the Hackathon followed by the conference, which included amongst others the famous Startup Battlefield, interesting workshops and of course the Startup Alley - probably the heart of every TechCrunch Disrupt event.

Hackathon – where game changing products are born in just 24 hours
Prior to the Disrupt Conference the Hackathon weekend took place. International teams of developers and engineers came together to participate in a 24-hour endurance test, to build a new product based on an exciting challenge. Companies from all kinds of industry sectors, such as Daimler, SAP, Esri and Clover, provided participants with a variety of challenges to choose from. Of course, we were also live on the spot with our own dbAPI challenge, which consisted of building a service (app or software) around a topic of interest and integrate at least one of our dbAPI products in a smart and helpful way. To read the complete dbAPI challenge click here.

After a sleepless night and 24 hours of coding, coffee and midnight pizza, results had to be submitted pinpoint at 9:30 am. Then the Hackathon presentations started.

It's impressive to see in what short time great ideas are born

45 teams in total presented their results on Sunday that, for instance, allow users to insure valuables for a desired period of time just within a few taps or
help users to come in exchange with potential like-minded strangers during waiting times on public transport.
However, what particularly caught our eye was the smartphone application “Parking Insider” that combined one of Daimler’s APIs and our dbAPI. The Berlin based creators Shruti Kuber and Advait Kumar met at an earlier Hackathon. But it was with the help of computer scientists Abdul Rehman Liaqat that both decided to put their weekend’s effort in helping us avoid parking tickets by simply making parking payments easier and accessible via smartphone. Click here to read through the full submission.

So much dedication, creativity as well as innovative spirit deserved to be awarded as the winner of our dbAPI Challenge. Curious about all the other ideas? Click here

The TechCrunch Disrupt way of Conference
After the craziness of the Hackathon the next two days continued with the actual TechCrunch Disrupt Conference. Within these days, everything revolved around startups, technologies and innovations. In fact, hundreds of early stage companies had taken the opportunity to present their ideas and technology to curious attendees as well as investors at the Startup Alley. Amongst others, our friends from Finanzguru have showcased at TechCrunch Disrupt as well. The Finanzguru app enables its users to manage contracts, subscriptions as well as finances easily on their smartphone, by connecting with dbAPI, to help them save money. Finanzguru is the first successful implemented dbAPI use case now!

In workshops, fireside chats and panel discussions attendees were invited to think along and share their thoughts. Especially the high number of presentations relating to the connection of finance, investments and technology were particularly interesting as they acknowledged not only the future but also the present importance of digital innovations within the financial industry.

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