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Take a junkyard in Cologne, a passionate team of organizers, invite 1200+ tech-affine selected participants from early-stage startups, investors and corporates and you will get Europe's craziest invite-only conference.
What do startups and pirates have in common?

They both leave the safe harbor behind, and put all their belongings and their fortune into an uncertain mission. They set sail towards somewhere nobody has ever been before hoping to find a treasure. To celebrate this craziness is the mission of Pirate Summit.
In addition to craziness, the team behind the summit pursues a fundamental goal: to be as authentic and genuine as possible. Our judgment: they succeeded!

If you look at the agenda, you'll quickly notice that it’s going to be anything but boring!

While it was the 7th edition of Pirate Summit, this year was our first time. The agenda for the two day conference was packed with a mix of Ask Me Anything sessions (AMA' s), exciting Fireside talks, VC Reverse Pitches by investors looking for startups, and a two-day “walk the plank” pitch competition, where more than 70 startups competed to showcase their business case within three minutes. In addition, there were versatile master classes, one of these held by our team.

Of course, we didn't want to bring a boring PowerPoint talk to such an unusual event. To introduce the Deutsche Bank API Program and ourselves, we invited to “Set sail for the new world beyond banking” together.

„How to grow your startup with banking data“
For 60 minutes the participants learned everything they wanted to know about the API program, how to use it for their own startup and about the first dbAPI use case Finanzguru.
Throughout the two days, we talked with early stage startups always looking for opportunities to integrate our dbAPI or for candidates to extend Deutsche Bank’s beyond banking ecosystem.
We learned a lot about the latest in IOT, healthcare, AR etc. and met with inspiring and motivated people, with whom we will happily stay in contact.

Overall, for us Pirate Summit was the ideal setting for exciting exchanges, interesting new contacts and a bunch of new learnings in an unexpected surrounding full of surprises. Pirate Summit – We’ll meet again!

For now, after the event is before the event.
The eye patch still strapped around our heads, we went from Cologne directly to Berlin to hit the startupnight.

Images by Felix Mayr and Dan Taylor.

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