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Last week Berlin was all about Europe’s Leading Interdisciplinary Technology Festival.
Within 3 days, Tech Open Air (TOA) brought together artists, entrepreneurs and scientists to connect and learn at the heart of Europe’s startup scene.

TOA consists of two event pillars: The first pillar is the conference at the venue “Funkhaus” with a fair, talks and panels about the influence and impact of digitization not only on different industries but also on art, music and culture. The second pillar are more than 200 satellite events that were scattered across Berlin.
One of these was ours.

We are thrilled by the overwhelming success of our TOA satellite event, which we have been hosting at our colleagues and friends “Deutsche Bank Labs Berlin” last Wednesday. After all the tickets were gone very quickly, we expected the house to be full and were not disappointed!

So, what was the satellite about?
We invited our guests to explore in a playful way how to create digital products.
Therefor we mixed bank data with other areas of life, like travel, health or even karma and asked our guests to think of first associations that come to their mind – and how the Deutsche Bank API Program could help to build new services around these. It was eye opening to see the variety of associations. We proceeded to define pain points and ran through a short but very productive Design Thinking session.

The results were ideas on safe travels, extra boost for your karma points and personal health challengers. All ideas were built on the underlying methodology of identifying user needs and solve them by combining existing services with new functions and including banking data.

We are still impressed by the exciting teamwork and all the great results that made our TOA satellite to a great evening session until late night.

Special thanks to our guests: You were brilliant!

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