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We just returned from Chatbot Summit in Berlin where we took an active part and presented our perspective on the fast growing tech trend on stage and at our booth.
Honestly, we do not have a chatbot yet to present nor is it in our short-term pipeline. Nevertheless, we were thrilled when we received the invitation to speak at Chatbot Summit in Berlin. That’s because chatbots are an omnipresent and promising tech trend we watch carefully, but also because we want to learn how the dbAPI can help developers to integrate a potential chatbot at Deutsche Bank.

We had considered the idea of implementing a banking bot and had talked to the different experts in the bank who need to be involved from legal, data security and so on. Their tenor was ‘it’s complicated’. But instead of being frustrated or giving up the idea, we decided to share the findings with the world’s leading experts on chatbots. Because our belief is that if we share our expertise in banking with experts on chatbots, they have the chance to come up with their own amazing banking bot.

If you have ever extensively attended the presentations at a conference, you’ll remember the overwhelming showcases, sales pitches and trend predictions. Based on these memories and the fact that we simply are not in the chatbot business, we decided to follow a different approach and told the fictive story of Raynold, the banking bot. This chatbot is not well trained and produces screw-ups non-stop. He messes up customer data, transactions and stock purchases. After each situation, we concluded about the mechanisms the bank provides to prevent such incident.

Together with our colleagues from Deutsche Bank Labs Berlin, we had a booth at Chatbot Summit.
There, we had many interesting conversations throughout the day.

Chatbot Summit was held for the first time in Berlin. Round about 1,500 people took the chance to take part. The audience consisted of chatbot companies, startups and corporates like SAP, Deloitte, Amazon Alexa, Facebook, IBM Watson and us. We had a great day and returned to Frankfurt with interesting new contacts and the latest insights about chatbots.

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