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dbAPI was in action again the past weekend! This time in St.Gallen, at the START Hack. You might wonder what HSG, the famous business uni has to do with hacking?
Well, they also understood: tech is the business. They therefore make sure to gather best in class tech and business students as well as open-minded corporates from around the world to co-create innovative solutions.

81 teams. Over 400 participants from more than 34 nations. 7 corporate challenges. 33 hours of coding.

First, the seven corporates had to compete for the hackers' attention. The challenge line up had some crazy stuff to offer like feeding robots on Mars, teaching machines Swiss-German via voice- tindering powered by AI, or Holo lenses and IoT devices. Still, our pitch heros Joris and Christian won many hearts for the dbAPI travel challenge that said:

“How can we optimize the travel experience leveraging Deutsche Bank customer profile data and transaction history in combination with other API’s?”

17 teams (20% of all) chose to tackle the dbAPI travel challenge and the cherry on the cake, 4 out of the 10 best solutions, selected by a neutral jury, used dbAPI! Awesome debut for our baby.

However, this Hackathon was not only fun but of great value for us.
Such exposure of the dbAPI among best in class students, coders and creative minds is a crucial step to get valuable feedback on the developer portal, our API and it makes us happy to see the developer community growing. The weekend was packed with a great number of creative travel solutions that demonstrated how much impact banking data can have when it is combined with functionalities from other APIs, like tripadvisor, skyscanner, airbnb or google.

We were thrilled by all solutions that the teams presented to us after the 33hrs coding session.
In the end PocketSherpa won our challenge prize with a real-time travel planner that designs a travel itinerary tailored to each user's spending habits. Read more

But enough talk. Feel free to browse through the START Hack results and see yourself!
Want to read more about the other corporate challenges? Here you go!

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