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All prototypes make use of the dbAPI.

28 – 30 October 2016, Berlin

API/Open 2016 is over, thank you for the great variety of fantastic teams and ideas.

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TechCrunch Disrupt: Beyond banking ideas with dbAPI

When the world’s leading start up authority TechCrunch Disrupt announced their Berlin comeback, there was no chance of missing out on that event. What awaited us were more than just exciting days full of fun and action!



Deutsche Bank API

Deutsche Bank's dbAPI is designed for you to be able to quickly integrate and develop new services with our functions and data.

We use common technologies such as RESTful APIs, JSON or OpenID Connect/OAuth2 to maximize your productivity. Manage your applications with our newly created developer portal.

Functionality and Data

Among our API’s functionalities are: user information, cash account information, account transactions, creating and managing test data, along with future functionalities we wish to create together with you.


Onsite you will find our API Experts, who are keen to hear about additional functions you need and would be more than happy to help integrate them in the future go-live.

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